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The large number of materials related to the activities of Toyohiko Kagawa including a huge collection of literatures and manuscripts is valuable resource for the modern history of Japan. Kagawa Archives and Resource Center has been established in October 1982 with contributions and donations from many individuals and organizations to support research activities through collection, preservation, and exhibition of these materials.


Kagawa Archives and Resource Center would not be able to sustain its activities without the numerous donors and collectors who, starting in the late 19th century, helped develop the Center into what it is today. We welcome your kind support to continue our activities to pass down the faith and practices of Toyohiko Kagawa to future generations.


The year 2009 is the anniversary commemorating the 100th year since Toyohiko Kagawa threw himself into an impoverished area to save the people who were suffering poverty in it. We have currently several projects going on to revive and energize the sprit of Toyohiko Kagawa and transform the heat into power to continue and further develop the current activities of the Center and all organizations that still maintain policies laid by Toyohiko Kagawa. This membership helps bring these projects into success. Your support is greatly appreciated.


To be a member, please e-mail us with your name, address, phone number, and membership type (please see the table below).

Membership Type

General members 5,000JPY per year or more
Special members 100,000JPY per year or more
Reference Service We provide and search information on our materials for students and researchers who are studying Toyohiko Kagawa and related subjects. (The service may require a charge depending on your request.)
Lifetime members 300,000JPY or more by a single payment

Privileges to Members

  • Free admission to permanent exhibition.
  • Discount price for program exhibitions.
  • Museum paper will be sent to you twice a year for free.
  • All museum products are available at discount price.
  • Photocopy service is available at discount price.
  • Annual journal “Kumonohashira (Pillar of Clouds)” will be sent to you once a year for free.
  • Latest information on lectures and events will be sent to you.
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